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About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of One Symphony Circle is to assure the ongoing preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the registered historic landmark building located at One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY as a community asset for future generations.

Our Building

The building is an iconic part of Buffalo’s rich architectural landscape. It is an integral part of the “Best Designed City” in that it anchors Symphony Circle and connects several of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. It is a crucial component of the Olmsted Parkway system, and beautifully forms book ends with the H.H. Richardson Complex towers.  E.B. Green had this in mind when designing First Presbyterian Church. Both Romanesque in style, the Richardson towers were completed in 1872; First Church's tower in 1897.  The building is highly esteemed and regarded for its beauty, history, location, acoustics, architecture and tourist draw.

Our Tower

The tower at First Church measures 18' -- 0" x 163' (52,974 cu ft).

Tower Construction Costs (1890's dollars)
Mason, cut stone & carpenter work - $24,000.00
Finial & vane - $85.00...
Lightning Rod - $120.00
Four corner supporting rods - $50.00
Architect fees - $1,212.75
GRAND TOTAL - $25,467.75

Built by the J.H. Tilden Co.


$25,467 in 1890 is equivalent to roughly $640,836 today

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